The Relay Race

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The Relay Race


Emu runs the fastest

when there’s nothing in the way.

Kangaroo has legs like springs

that bounce along all day.

Lizard keeps on going

when the sun is very hot.

Wombat gets through obstacles

when all the rest cannot.


Koala checks their timing

as the birds all cheer them on.

Platypus just watches

(as his legs aren’t very long).

And so they’ve planned their strategies

with calculated pace.

And as a team, their hopes on high,

they’ll WIN the relay race!


by Celia Berrell


An ideal sports-team will play to each member’s strengths and support each other’s weaknesses.  We all have different talents and vulnerabilities.  A caring team accommodates both.  I like writing poems, and my friend Sharon Davson loves painting.  Her art work is titled “Bush Relay”.  Together I reckon we make a good team!

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