The Wrong Wheels


The Wrong Wheels


When the humans were asleep

In nightgowns and nightcaps,

The midnight rat would creep inside

And feast upon their scraps.


The midnight rat was crafty,

The midnight rat was sly,

He’d always slink in shadows,

Unseen by human eyes.


But there was someone watching,

With eyes that gleamed in black,

The midnight rat could see him:

The cunning household cat.


The midnight rat was agile,

And cautious, quick and smart,

That cat could never catch the rat,

When the house was clothed in dark.


So the cat approached politely

And he bent down very low.

“Oh rapturous rat I love your work,

I do admire you so.


“But I would make a suggestion,

If I could be so bold.

A king like you should never dine

On scraps so soggy and cold.


“The humans have cake in the daytime,

And bread and scones and pies,

There’s so much good food in the daytime,

You wouldn’t believe your eyes.


“The only thing you really need,

Ask anyone who steals,

If you are going to make a getaway –

Is a brand new set of wheels.”


The rat told him to keep away

And ran off with his loot,

But then he started pondering

As he chewed on soggy fruit.


He was the Midnight Rat!

The cleverest rat by far!

It would be a snap for him

To build a speedy car.


And build away he did,

Though you may find it surprising,

The rat had made that car

By the time the sun was rising.


And he could smell the breakfast

And he didn’t stop to think,

The car whizzed straight inside

Faster than a blink.


And what a tale of glory!

What a momentous day,

The rat snatched a delectable haul

And was making his getaway.


But outside the car slowed

And the cat caught him with ease…

Instead of using tyres,

He had used four wheels of cheese.


As he watched them melting on the road

The rat knew we was done,

His greatest foe was not the cat

But that infernal sun.


The cat smiled a wicked grin,

“I never thought of that!

I think my favourite meal might be

Grilled cheese à la rat.”


By Kylie Covark

3 thoughts on “The Wrong Wheels

  1. Dear Kylie, this is an amusing, sustained piece, with fairly accurate rhyme as well (you could have used ‘human eye’ instead of EYES) and a great story. Witty. Reminded me of Milne. Loved it.

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