Love and Money

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Love & Money

Love is like money.
We all want lots of it.
We know we deserve it,
so throw some our way!

Sometimes we win it
but often we lose it
or spend it unwisely,
regretting that day.

Some people find it
in rather strange places.
And some even steal it,
aware it’s not theirs.

Others may wear it.
Look radiant for it
while others invest it
and show that they care.

Some people hide it.
Forget how to find it.
They know it’s there somewhere
beneath many layers.

Gets taken for granted,
abused or just flaunted.
But you and I know
that we both like to share.

Celia Berrell



One thought on “Love and Money

  1. I would like to see more work from Celia. I like the message in this. I see love treated as a transaction so often. I was just thinking of this after work in my car this evening. How strange.

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