‘The Bubble Rap’ by Celia Berrell


The Bubble Rap  

(an accidental invention)

Back in the fifties

there’s  Alfred and Marc.

Two keen engineers

with plenty of spark.


Making a wallpaper

easy to clean

by coating it in



Their plans were a flop

as blisters went pop.

With troublesome bubbles

the wallpaper’s dropped.


They couldn’t get rid 

of that air-filled gap.

Instead they’d invented 

the bubble wrap!


If you’re way off track

or you need some slack.

If you think you’ll crack

or you’ve lost the knack


If you’re in a flap

and your mind might snap

then pack up your troubles

in bubble wrap.


Moisture resistant

elastic and strong

it won’t scratch your things.

Abrasion is wrong.


Cushion possessions

on pockets of air.

It makes a good bed

if there’s more than one layer.


Pop it and snap it

or bend it and wrap it.

Bubbles in plastic’s

the best way to pack it.

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