“The Seahorse and the Mermaid” by Madonna George

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The Seahorse and the Mermaid


The seahorse and the mermaid went  

up to the water’s edge  one day

To glimpse at the world above-

Together they winked and leapt out of the water and to golden sands they played.

They strolled in the shine of the sun, and warmed their bodies and giggled some more.

For their’s was an adventure that day

An odyssey different to the sea.


The shells they found were presents for Neptune and all the seahorses galore

that fretted and cried for seahorse’s absence.

For they were creatures of the sea

A family yet unamed by sciences and formulas


The mermaid she dipped her sunbronzed body

back into the sea and sweetly murmured to the seahorse

Wait for me!

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