“How I was saved from Chocaholism” by JR Poulter

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Aunty’s got a chocolate box.

She said,”Have one or two.”

I had one wrapped in bright red foil,

And then a flowery blue.


I sucked them – oh, so slowly –

They were so VERY nice!

I thought, would Aunty REALLY mind

If I had a couple – twice?


They were the most delicious things

That I had EVER had!

Surely, if I had – just – two more

Aunt could not call me bad?


Oh, SCRUMPTIOUS!  YUMPTIOUS! There were more

That I just HAD to taste!

Why – if I left them sitting there

They MUST all go to waste!


The box was looking emptyish.

The last ones left looked lonely.

I thought that it would be QUITE wrong

To leave a couple only!


And so I ate the last ones too,

But, very strange to tell, 

They didn’t taste just quite so good,

And – I didn’t feel so well …


My tummy looked about to pop!

My throat felt – kind of queer…

My tummy started woooobelling –

I held onto the chair!


Then as I looked at the chocolate box

And wondered would I be whacked,

I remembered every gluttinous glob

And the box got its contents back -!!




Now I wont touch a chocolate,

Not a bar, a block, a bite!

I will not even look at it!

Well, at least I wont – tonight…


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