“Polly Nation” Julie Cahill

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We’ve just installed a bee hive

in our garden – what a fright.

Well, that is what I thought when bumble bees came into sight.

I’d squeal and flap my arms around-

‘Don’t come next to me.

Get out of our garden, you’re spoiling dolly’s tea.

Polly put the kettle on,

we’ll scare them off with steam.’

It didn’t work and all I did was run and hide and scream.

But Mum and Dad explained my fear

which swiftly flew away.

‘Bees are good ecology,

ensuring coming days.

Busy workers demonstrate the ethics of hard work,

collecting pollen from the flowers-

the spreading is a perk.

Without the buzzy, fuzzy mites

we wouldn’t have our food.’

And being as I love my grub,

‘That would be mighty rude.’

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