“Cat on a post” by Toni Newell

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Cat on a Post


“What is that?” The young Alpaca asked

Looking at a creature on the post,

And the others just stared in amazement,

Not wanting to get very close.

“I don’t know” the mother answered,

Whilst stretching her neck out longer,

All ears were pricked and eyes just stared,

At this creature, whose stare was stronger.

“I’m a cat chasing a mouse” ,  it said

“When through this fence it scurried,

And I was unable to follow it,

No matter how much I hurried.

The mouse disappeared into the grass,

And up this post I ran,

Looking far across this field,

At least that was my plan.

And then you interrupted me,

By standing in my way,

Asking each other silly questions,

Whilst I lost sight of my prey”.

The Alpacas’ were stunned at this outburst,

And there was nothing left to do,

But turn around and wander off,

Leaving the cat to stew.

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