“Polly Rules” by Julie Cahill

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Polly Puss sat on the fence

sailing with his fate

Until the day the farmer opened up the farmyard gate

The sheep went out

the cows came in

which left Puss quite bemused

addressing those then left to listen

before access was closed

Alpca stretched their long necks longer

their ears pricked to his chatter

‘It matters that the sheep were led;

that cows made all that clatter

This fence is the dividing line

thin as this here whisker’

Pussy plucked to prove his point

which drew a nasty blister

‘But anyway, I rule the roost

from here, this narrow line

So just stay put you woolley herd

alpacas will be fine

You know, the gate was opened

so the tractor could pass through

Those beasts weren’t meant to cross the fence

The system’s gone askew

The grass is never greener

on the other side, you see

Those sheep and cows will end up

on the farmer’s plate for tea.’

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