“ Mal Kennington Malone” by Katherine Gallagher

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Mal Kennington Malone


Mal Kennington Malone

wasn’t good at games.

His classmates always laughed

and called him names:


dumb-chum, drophead,

you silly billy shark –

biggest flapfingers

in Bladestone Park.


I think I’ll try running –

I know I’m not bad.

I could really show ‘em,

he told his Dad.


He trained and trained

around an old dirt track;

he trained every day,

ran to school and back.


He trained and trained

and ran like a hare,

even trained when it rained,

racing everywhere.


When sportsday came,

he was first off the mark,

became the fastest winner

in Bladestone Park.


©Katherine Gallagher

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