“My Hero” by Toni Newell


My Hero

My hero is a gentleman.

Named Jimmy Arkell,

Who recently turned 98,

Has many a story to tell.

He was a country boy to start,

And moved into the city,

Where he gave away his heart,

To a girl who was so pretty.

He has survived two wars,

Widowed and lives alone,

Around the corner from a school,

From his very home.

He walks past nearly every day,

The kids all know his name,

They say, “Hello Jimmy”,

And he greets them just the same.

He’s truly an inspiration,

And he still drives his car,

He is vibrant and full of life,

He is a shining star.

Should I ever reach that age,

I wish that I could be,

Half the person that he is,

It’s what I wish for me.

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