‘Puff’, the Magic Dragon by Toni Newell




‘Puff’ was a magic dragon,

Who lived by the sea,

Had a friend, Jackie Paper,

And had a friend in me.

He may have sailed with Jackie,

Upon the ocean blue,

But used to play with me ashore,

This story being true.

He wagged his tail behind him,

Whilst walking he would roar,

And everyone loved magic ‘Puff’,

He was gentle to the core.

When Jackie Paper passed away,

‘Puff’ was very sad,

He roared aloud in his grief,

Having lost his comrade.

We walked the street together,

His scales glistening in the sun,

Remembering Jackie Paper,

And recalling all the fun.

Yes, dragons last forever,

And he outlasted me,

One day we’ll be together again,

Magic ‘Puff’,  Jackie Paper and me.


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