Prompt #4 Acrostic week

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Acrostic week here we go

Could you give it a shot?

Reach within

Oh remember the first letter of each line

Spells out a word

Try something new

Imaginative and incredible

Can you email to:

We will each week for a time have a different style of poetry to showcase. If you have never tried a certain type how about giving it a go?

Thankyou for your contributions


And incase you were wondering where the word Acrostic comes from read below for the answer.


Poem of the Day


River Run


Run river run:

sIlver over stones

riVer sobs and moans;

briEf gleam in the sun:

riveR run and run.



Run River run

rapId to the seas;

riVer leap with ease,

tEasing just for fun:

River run and run.

Jaz Stutley


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #19