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Three Trips Down the River


I  – A  Bed Time Story

Rainforest children fall

Into green dreams


Embracing nature’s eyes

Releasing their love for salmon.


II-  Night Time Wishing

Releasing time

In my heart for

Visions of night fishing with Poppy

Evenings of searching for the perfect spot

Remembering our smiles at my first catch.


III –  The Franklin

Revealing wild rivers

In the journeys they inspire

Visions for tourist and visitors

Entranced by nature’s eyes

Recipes are made for protective renewal.

June Perkins

June said: I wanted to work with the idea of three ways to think about the river: Prompt #19.

Poem of the Day

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Running to school one cold wet day

Into dreams of escape and running away

Visiting islands full of sea and sun

Enjoying swimming and lots of fun

Returned to reality dark and grey.


Required homework not done yet

Idiot me never a teacher’s pet

Very hard to get past this disaster

Explaining why I can’t work faster

Rewriting forever the homework set.


Margaret Pearce


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #19

Poem of the Day


River Run


Run river run:

sIlver over stones

riVer sobs and moans;

briEf gleam in the sun:

riveR run and run.



Run River run

rapId to the seas;

riVer leap with ease,

tEasing just for fun:

River run and run.

Jaz Stutley


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #19