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A Plea for Green


Green are the hills for children:

a sunlit place of grasses,

dandelions and daisies;


as green as an apple, a fig,

an unripe fruit; the green

of memory and melody,


the scrubby bushy slopes

for exploration; tall trees

to climb, parks to run through.


Screens are not green

or sunlit; the blue wild

winds do not blow there –


a static buzz bends

the mind in dark rooms.

This is my plea for green.


Jaz Stutley

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poem of the Day


Three Trips Down the River


I  – A  Bed Time Story

Rainforest children fall

Into green dreams


Embracing nature’s eyes

Releasing their love for salmon.


II-  Night Time Wishing

Releasing time

In my heart for

Visions of night fishing with Poppy

Evenings of searching for the perfect spot

Remembering our smiles at my first catch.


III –  The Franklin

Revealing wild rivers

In the journeys they inspire

Visions for tourist and visitors

Entranced by nature’s eyes

Recipes are made for protective renewal.

June Perkins

June said: I wanted to work with the idea of three ways to think about the river: Prompt #19.

Poem of the Day




Moon, I know

you’re rather fickle –

not long ago

you were thin as a sickle


but look at you now –

It’s night’s high noon

and you’re fat and full

as a blown balloon.


Moon, your face

is made of light

and you hang like hope

against the night,


waxing, waning,

sometimes gone,

always changing,

moving on.


©   Kate O’Neil
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #16

Poem of the Day

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Pelting: washing

the windows

rinsing roofs

rolling mud and stone


pushing earth

into sea

pulling grass

tree bush creeper


out of dirt

pushing trees over




balancing in the air

stamping its feet

escaping from thunder

rushing headlong

dripping down

lightning’s white path


Jennie Fraine

Poem of the Day


Small Wonder


Please don’t be frightened, sweet butterfly blue,

I just want to capture a picture of you.

As I inch closer I mean you no harm.

It’s not my intention to cause you alarm.

Your wings are so delicate: colours so pretty!

Please don’t fly away. That would be such a pity.

No need now to flutter, I’ll keep this quite brief.

Just stay where you are on that rich deep green leaf.

That’s perfect! I’ve got you! You’ll soon be on show:

Your beauty shared proudly with people I know.


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #40


Monty says: This poem draws on recent experience at a magnificent butterfly farm in Penang, Malaysia.