“Revolution” by Jackie Hosking




Many moons ago

Copernicus, you know

Unearthed that planets dance around the sun

The earth, it seemed, was not

The central turning spot

Around which universal bodies spun


Then came Galileo

Another spacey fellow

Who thought Copernicus was quite correct

But the church became afraid

Of the viewpoints being made

So they locked him up to mute his intellect


But before these confrontations

As he peered at constellations

Through his telescope, he soon discovered more

While the earth had only one,

A greater distance from the sun

Was Jupiter with moons that totaled four


Now centuries down the track

As we marvel, looking back

Just how very brave these innovators were

Giving birth to modern science

With their obstinate defiance

Means that trips to outer space can now occur

Birds of a Feather


Birds of a Feather

There’s a paddling of ducklings in my lake
And a purr of pussycats half awake

There’s a trembling of finches on my lawn
And a purr of pussycats stretch and yawn

There’s a troubling of hummingbirds in my blossom
And a purr of pussycats playing possum

There’s a pitying of turtledoves cooing to their mate
And a purr of pussycats rubbing on the gate

There’s a quarrel of sparrows busy with their fight
And a purr of pussycats keeping out of sight

There’s a peep of chickens and a bevy of quails
And a purr of pussycats wagging their tails

But then, in the sky, is a murder of crows
And a prickle of pussycats hide in the rose

Jackie Hosking