After the Rain


After the Rain


Drops of rain fall on my face

wild white flowers, just like lace.


Underneath the dripping tree

lizards lurk, their eyes on me.


In the puddles, black leaves float

the gum-nut people have lost their boat.


As I wander in the bush

everything is green and lush.


Julie Thorndyke


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The Witch House


There’s a witch house in my village

I’ve seen it through the trees


It’s drab olive green in colour

And makes me tremble in my knees


It has two tall brick chimneys

And a diamond-patterned roof of slate


It bothers me so to look at it

On school days I’m often late!


I must walk past singing cheerful songs

To keep fears from my head


But often at night I remember it

When I’m tucked up safe in bed.

Julie Thorndyke


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Following Directions


Up, down

round and round;

north, south

homeward bound.


Left, right

make a turn;

front, back

tyres burn.


In, out

read the map;

east, west

wear a cap.


Under, over

climb all day;

keep up or we’ll

lose our way.


Follow the leader,

complete the task;

if we get lost

we can always ASK!

Julie Thorndyke

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #18

Poetry Prompt 17




Julie says: Following directions is a key skill for children starting school. This little poem attempts to help kids understand key concepts and reassure that help is always at hand.