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The Visitor


A witch flew through my window! I saw her on her broom.

One starry night, down moonbeams bright, she rode into my room!

I cried out to my mother. “A witch came in!” I screamed.

She softly said: “No, no, my dear, believe you me, there’s no witch here.

It’s just something you dreamed.”


I wanted to believe her. I’d had a nasty fright.

I said: “Please lock the window, Mum, or I won’t sleep tonight.”

Once Mum had turned the window key she tucked me back in bed.

“No need for you to worry then, no witch can frighten you again,”

My mother calmly said.


When Mum had left and dimmed the lights, I tried to close my eyes,

But found I still felt wide awake, though that was no surprise.

Quite suddenly I heard a noise!  A scratching mouse or rat?

Then, while I lay there quiet and still – a dark shape on the window sill!

The witch’s jet black cat!


Monty Edwards


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22

Monty says: The black cat, moon and starry night turned my thoughts to witches and their significance for children. The open window provided a point of entry for the narrative and the focus then became developing a suitable rhyming scheme to carry the narrative to its conclusion.







Poem of the Day

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The Witch House


There’s a witch house in my village

I’ve seen it through the trees


It’s drab olive green in colour

And makes me tremble in my knees


It has two tall brick chimneys

And a diamond-patterned roof of slate


It bothers me so to look at it

On school days I’m often late!


I must walk past singing cheerful songs

To keep fears from my head


But often at night I remember it

When I’m tucked up safe in bed.

Julie Thorndyke