Poem of the Day


Ham vs Flout


Captain Ham had a beard as green as old broccoli,

And a streak as mean as a bitter green.


They say that he led his crew in a mutiny,

Against Captain Flout (just a young brussel sprout).


The battle was swift and soon Ham had the victory,

All Flout’s hopes sank as he walked the plank.


Balanced on the edge looking down into destiny,

His quivering lips were as pale as parsnips.


“This ‘ere be the Basin of Sharks,” sneered his enemy,

“Thanks for ye ship, in ye go fer a dip!”




The overthrown captain was chomped up like celery.

The ship sailed away but ever since that day…


Superstitious old Ham has been cursed by the memory.

He can’t eat a sprout without thinking of Flout.

Lynelle Kendall
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt #29

Poem of the Day

Buccaneer Banquet


The buccaneer bragged to the butcher,

“My Kitchen Rules, for sure,

so gimme those guts for me banquet tonight

and a coupla bears and that boar.


I’m goin’ all out on the barbie,

with bacon and bangers to boot,

served up with a broccoli garnish,

and for afters, a basin of fruit.


A good balanced bash for me hearties,

from Yours Truly, the Buccaneer Host,

and if they wake up in the morning,

they can get their own coffee and toast.

Kate O’Neil
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #29

Poetry Prompt #29