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Crocodile at the beach

The seagulls squawk into the sky

Aark!               Aark!

Aark!               Aark!

Daisy barks behind my legs

Yip!      Yip!      Yip!

and Ben squeals


when we see the



crocodile kite.

Kristin Martin

Poem of the Day

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Once upon a time George’s constant moan,

Was ‘I’ve no one to play with, I’m always alone’.


No one to play with when flying a kite,

Or building a fort, or having a fight.


He scowled at his soldiers, in line by the wall,

With no one to fight, they were no fun at all.


He bounced his big red ball on the floor,

With no one to catch it, a terrible bore.


His mother took his red ball away,

And told him to go outside to play,


Outside in the yard, despite the bright sun,

George yelled that alone was no fun.


He kicked his go cart, painted bright red,

‘Needs someone to push it,’ he sulkily said.


Suddenly, George with great surprise,

Found a new playmate, just his size.


Someone to play chasey, tag and I spy,

To run beside him and jump just as high.


So every morning, when the sun is bright,

George’s new friend appears in sight.


Happy at last, George tells his Mum,

‘Me and my shadow are having great fun.’


© Margaret Pearce