Poem of the Day


Yellow Jack


I have a pet canary,
I call him Yellow Jack.
He has white feathers on his wings
and yellow on his back.

I love my pet canary,
I feed him every day.
I put fresh seeds into his bowl;
he pecks them straight away.

My dearest pet canary,
I love to hear him sing.
He chirps and cheeps to me each day
and even more in spring.

My lovely pet canary,
I watch him day and night.
Today I watched him lay an egg.
I think her name’s not right!

Kristin Martin

Poem of the Day


If Clouds Were Beds

If clouds were beds then I would sleep
upon a cloud that’s soft and deep.
A cumulus cloud, that’s its name,
though as a name it’s rather lame
because it doesn’t make you think
of fluffy clouds in which you’d sink
into their white caressing sheets,
nor how you’d lie and dream of treats
or winning that important game,
so, bed-cloud is a better name.

If clouds were cars then I would race
a wispy cloud, high up near space.
A cirrus cloud is what they say-
that doesn’t seem a place to stay
behind the wheel and speed around
a track that’s high up off the ground.
I want a simple name that shows
a cloud that goes and goes and goes,
a cloud that’s fast and fun to use
so, car-cloud is the name I choose.

If clouds were homes then mine would be
one stretching far as you can see.
A stratus cloud is what it’s called,
but that name doesn’t say it’s sprawled
across the sky- a wide, flat field,
where there’d be ample space to build
a house, with rooms for everyone,
a garden where we’d play and run,
and even an enormous shed,
so, I call those home-clouds instead.


Kristin Martin

(Previously published in Orbit (The School Magazine), Issue 9, October 2016.)

Poem of the Day


Crocodile at the beach

The seagulls squawk into the sky

Aark!               Aark!

Aark!               Aark!

Daisy barks behind my legs

Yip!      Yip!      Yip!

and Ben squeals


when we see the



crocodile kite.

Kristin Martin

Poem of the Day

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My class is so lucky.

This term we’re learning about life cycles,

so my teacher brought in some tadpoles-

three big black commas

swimming around in a plastic aquarium

right beside our desks.


We named them



and Spot.


Freddo was the first to grow



more legs

then his tail shrunk

until his body was a fat full stop.


‘But what do we do with our frog?’

asked Mrs Chugg with a frown.

My hand shot up quicker than a speeding mosquito.

‘I’ve got a pond!’

So, she poked some holes in a butter tub

and sent Freddo home with me.

‘Lucky duck,’ said Ben.


I carried my precious passenger

down the street

around the back

then knelt beside our weedy pond

and gently tipped him in.


Freddo swam to a lily pad

half scrambled on and gazed around

at the water



and grassy bank

before frog-kicking into the murky depths.


Compared to Kermit and Spot

with their four plastic walls,

I’d say he’s pretty lucky.

Kristin Martin

Poem of the Day

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Last night

Last night I saw something that

I’d never seen before.

This something that I’d never seen

was right outside my door.


It made me gasp aloud with shock

the moment that I saw it.

The something was so big and red

I couldn’t dare ignore it.


I quickly jumped out of my bed,

tip-toed across the floor.

I had to know about this thing

I hadn’t seen before.


As soon as I crept close to it

my heart began to race.

I saw the thing was not a thing

because it had a face!


My body shook from head to toe,

my mind was full of fear.

There was someone that I’d never seen

and he was very near.


I stared in shock at his red coat,

his boots of blackest black.

I saw the pompom on his hat,

the bulging big red sack.


And then I had to laugh out loud.

You know why, I’m sure.

That someone was not scary at all.

It was Santa that I saw.

Kristin Martin
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #49


Poem of the Day




Some dogs are scary.
You have to be wary.

Some dogs are fat.
They could squash you flat.

Some dogs are tiny
and yappy and whiny.

Some dogs are old
and can’t do what they’re told.

Some dogs are jumpy.
They make me feel grumpy.

Some dogs are fast.
I just watch them run past.

Some dogs are busy
and rush round till they’re dizzy.

But my dog is great.
She’s my very best mate.

Kristin Martin

Poem of the Day


My Greens


There’s a broccoli in my wardrobe

and a cucumber by my bed.

Something green was on my pillow

but now it’s green goo on my head.


There are lettuce leaves by my mirror,

some snow peas in my drawer,

and I think I saw a brussel sprout

lurking behind my door.


I don’t know what they’re up to

or what any of this means.

But if I want my bedroom to myself

I’d better eat my greens.


Kristin Martin
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #45