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Last night

Last night I saw something that

I’d never seen before.

This something that I’d never seen

was right outside my door.


It made me gasp aloud with shock

the moment that I saw it.

The something was so big and red

I couldn’t dare ignore it.


I quickly jumped out of my bed,

tip-toed across the floor.

I had to know about this thing

I hadn’t seen before.


As soon as I crept close to it

my heart began to race.

I saw the thing was not a thing

because it had a face!


My body shook from head to toe,

my mind was full of fear.

There was someone that I’d never seen

and he was very near.


I stared in shock at his red coat,

his boots of blackest black.

I saw the pompom on his hat,

the bulging big red sack.


And then I had to laugh out loud.

You know why, I’m sure.

That someone was not scary at all.

It was Santa that I saw.

Kristin Martin
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #49


Poem of the Day


The Visit

Cautiously, creeping down the stairs,

carefully avoiding the creaks,

we stop

and take each other’s hand.

At the bottom we tiptoe,


towards the door.

Almost afraid to breathe

we slowly, gently, push it open.

Beneath the twinkling lights

sit the gifts.

‘He’s been,’ we whisper

‘He’s been.’

Pat Simmons

(Published 2014 by Celapene Press, Short and Twisted and Thynks Publications Bards at Blidworth and Beyond Anthology)

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #49