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I find travelling a mystery,

‘specially if I fall asleep.

First I was there, now I am here.

How can that be?


All it takes is time passing –

plus a bus, a tram, a train,

a boat, a car, a plane.

Then I am where I wasn’t before.


It’s a riddle I hope never

to solve. Even more than

travelling from city to bush,

bush to sea: I like the mystery.


Jaz Stutley
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #23


Poem of the Day


Time Travel


The train left the station-

clickerty clack

the wheels gained motion-

clickerty clack

we then passed paddocks

of bones and dust

broken tractors, covered in rust

The train didn’t notice-

clickerty clack

but we did, with the notion


The train rambled on- clickerty clack

I nodded off- clickerty clack

And dreamt of the life

centuries before

of ladies’ long dresses

dusting the floor

The train didn’t notice-

clickerty clack

and my bonnet, shielded mine eyes


The train pulled into the station

C . L . I . C . K . E . R . T . Y

I woke with a jolt


I grabbed my laptop

and mobile phone

that enables connection

while travellers roam

The train didn’t notice, clickerty clack

on its timeline, to the future

Julie Cahill

It was serendipity when Julie’s poem happened to turn up in my in box ahead of my ‘Travelling’ poetry prompt. It also slots in nicely with an earlier prompt.