Poem of the Day


A sparkling summer

Christmas is coming,

Our school year’s complete.

It’s time for admiring,

As we walk street to street.


On doors we see wreaths

of green and red  holly.

On  balconies, sleighs,

and Santas fat and jolly.


The streets are not dark,

Even though it’s late,

For blinking and winking

On tree, fence or gate

Is a string of sparkling LED lights.


Our suburb’s gone magic

With colours so bright

We’ll visit again,

A new street each night.


But I’m glad that the sparkling

Is a Christmas-time treat

Like presents and cicadas,

and too much to eat.


The year keeps on turning,

Christmas is almost over.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day

So tonight we’re all going

To the fireworks display.

Viv Nicoll-Hatton
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #50