Poem of the Day


Party at Luna Park

by Jenny Erlanger


The party was great.

I’ve got so much to tell

but I can’t do it now,

I’m not feeling too well.

I don’t want to chuck

but I know that I will.

Is it something I ate

that is making me ill?

The frankfurts and sauce

can’t have made me feel bad.

The ten that I ate

were the best that I’ve had.

And it wasn’t the chips

that I had as a snack

as we all raced around

on the dodgem car track.

It might have been what

I was drinking instead,

that bottle of stuff

that was fizzy and red

that I drank when my mouth

was all dried up inside

after screaming so much

on the Gravitron ride.

Or could it have been

what I had as a treat,

something I’ve wanted

forever to eat,

that mountain of fairy floss

stuck to a stick?

Quick, pass me the bucket,

I’m going to be sick.

First published in “Giggles and Niggles” (Haddington Press, 2007)

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Ha ha ha ha! Excellent poem, Jenny! I really enjoyed it! Makes me feel queasy just thinking about it!

  2. I really like this poem. It I something all kids can relate to, and it brings up some terrible memories in us older kids (forgive the awful pun)

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