Her First Christmas/Christmas Trees

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The pillow case

packed with

carefully chosen gifts

all wrapped


Adoring parents

on the end of the bed


The toddler

still in bed

unwraps each one

enjoying the paper

the ribbons and bows


Mother sits on

impatient hands

Each item

so carefully chosen

carefully wrapped

is carefully unwrapped

carefully explored

before going on

to the next

Mother cannot bear it.


To Australian poetry for children, 18 December; 6 December 2017




So many different trees

over the years

all decorated with the same ornaments

Kitsch jewellery from op shops

small wooden toys

peg angels from kinder

crocheted balls from Prague

red and silver tinsel


The traditional pine branch

shoved in a bucket,

held up by soil and bricks

the bucket covered in layers

of red and white crepe paper


Then the traditional

little growing tree

faithfully planted out

but never seeming to thrive



One year it was a huge green

flower-shaped succulent

others it has been branches

broken from the leafy elm


As a child one year

we had a huge eucalyptus branch

touching the ceiling

Big enough to carry balloons

and a present for each person

present at my party

It had been Dad’s family tradition

but Mother disapproved

of the twigs and needles

dropped on her lounge-room carpet.

and of his family

So never again!


Virginia Lowe [on Allpoetry site as pick of the week]


30 November 2017


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