The Year of the Dog

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The Year of the Dog.

The Chinese New Year started.
It signalled with a clang.
It commenced with quite a clamour.
It started with a – cock-a-doodle-doo!

The rooster had returned,
From his year away.
A one year celebration;
A rest from Hen Chalet.

Farmer Mick was happy,
To have the rooster back.
But the precedent was set,
Thus the dog became quite slack.

So they made up an agreement;
To celebrate the dog year.
The dog would be the farmer,
And the farmer would be pooch!

Heel! Drop! Roll!
Fetch! Stay! Go!
Farmer Mick took orders.
The dog just watched him go.

He rounded up the cows,
Then he shepherded the sheep.
He chased the cat for hours,
Then he heard a car horn beep.

He chased that car right in to town.
He finally felt quite beat.
So he walked into the café;
He supposed he’d get a treat.

Just sit I’ll fetch a menu
Said the waiter with a grin.
So he did as he was told;
Sitting next to Farmer Flynn.

Soon other farmers followed.
The café was jam-packed.
They were growling ‘bout the new year
And the Chinese Zodiac.

Farmer Bill was livid:
I’m doing all the work;
I’m barking at the postman,
He thinks I’ve gone berserk.

Each week my dog gets pampered
At the Dapper Dog Salon.
Then he has a doggycino
And a meaty doggy scone.

Last year it was the rooster,
Next year it is the pig.
I’m going to join the circus;
Protested Farmer Twig.

The farmers kept on whining,
Some circling round and round.
Then suddenly they all stood up,
Alert to a command.

Each farmer raced off out the door
Of Café Tucker Box.
Obedient and good,
Pulling up their socks.

One year of celebration
For each one of their dogs.
They really are so faithful
Admitted Farmer Noggs.

By Louise McCarthy.


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