Spotlight on June Perkins


About June:

I am presently working on two sequels to my first full length collection, Magic Fish Dreaming, and dearly hope to find traditional publishers for them or to crowd fund them.  

One is another collection of poetry for children filled with a sense of magical realism, fun and optimism, and the other is especially for mothers who might have fallen in love with the poetry of Magic Fish Dreaming, and will include both poetry and prose reflections on mothering and being mothered.  

I have been keeping a poetry blog for several years, and am presently blogging on the topic of how poets play with words and images to make their poems



We came
Sang, shared sisterhood
Brotherhood, unity, treasure hunts

Things sing
To the heart
Picking a song’s tune

In camp
Everywhere we walk
Glow worms in line

By June Perkins

EDUCATORS NOTE: This poem was written to reflect on a mentoring camp held at Mungalli Falls.  I wanted a very simple structure to convey this in just a few words and was inspired by, but not restricted by the cinquain form.  A traditional cinquain, would be 

  1. A subject noun – one word
  2. Two adjectives – two words
  3. Three verbs – three words
  4. A phrase – four words
  5. Return to the subject noun – one word

Instead I went   

  1. Subject noun – one word (however, in verse 2 and 3 I put the subject noun at the end)
  2. Short phrase-two words,  
  3. Longer phrase- three words (line 3,4, and line 2 closely linked)
  4. A phrase or a list of things- four words 
  5. Overall feeling or the subject noun

I think it is important when working with set forms to be able to play with them and reinvent them to fit your purpose, whatever is best for the poem

5 thoughts on “Spotlight on June Perkins

  1. Great to meet you,June Perkins..I follow your work on all fronts.with appreciation and interest ..Cheers Anne Bell

  2. Thanks for your greetings, Celia, Virginia and Anne. I’ve been a bit busy and missed this comments until now. Some good news re poetry to share soon.

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