“MY DOG RUPERT” by Jaz Stutley




My dog Rupert¹s cool and slick

And he has a special trick:

When he hears opera, blues and jazz,

My goodness, what a voice he has!


It starts to ripple, soar and glide,

At our applause it soars with pride.

He lifts his nose and shuts his eyes

And sings his heart out to the skies.


He sings to piano, saxophone,

Bagpipes, flute and slide trombone.

The penny whistle and kazoo;

Accordion and harmonica too.


On Saturdays, just down our street

A band plays with a rocking beat.

And my dog Rupert steals the show

When he sings high and he sings low.


He sings the themes to TV shows

The news, cartoons, and all of those.

But Rupert has a secret goal:

To be a star of rock and roll.


When he performs the Rupert Rap

The people whistle, cheer and clap.

I¹m just afraid that he¹s so good

They¹ll sign him up for Hollywood!


5 thoughts on ““MY DOG RUPERT” by Jaz Stutley

  1. Great poem, Jaz! I hope that no-one ever tells Rupert that he’s not really a dog. He sounds like heaps of fun! Nice work.

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