“Monster Veggies” with Teacher Notes by J.R. Poulter



Veggie Monster – teacher notes –

Activity – Class debate on “Advertising and Prime Time TV, Their Role in Demonising Vegetables” 

Activity – Make up an advertising campaign to popularise vegetables. Research TV advertisements and  prime time TV shows to see what sort of food is promoted and how. I can think of one popular TV soapie, which has its cast eating pizza and drinking beer in most episodes. What does this say to young viewers. 

Note what sort of advertisements come on between 4.00pm and 8.00pm, the time many children, families and young folk would be watching TV. How might you use your campaign to change this?

Activity – Make up recipes with vegetables as the main ingredients – they must be delicious enough that YOU would want to eat them! If there are any vegetarians in the class, ask them to be a consultative panel and to judge the result of the class cooking attempts to make veggies into taste tempting foods! 

Activity: Australians have ‘adopted’ vegetables from all over the world.

Create a world map and  paste labels bearing the names of common vegetables used in Australia on their countries of origin.

 Activity: Are there vegetables that are native to Australia? Study the  foods grown and gathered by various Aboriginal groups. If possible, invite a local indigenous leader to discuss with the class the native foods they used and how they prepared them.

2 thoughts on ““Monster Veggies” with Teacher Notes by J.R. Poulter

  1. I can’t help proofreading Jeannie – hope you don’t mind, but I read Jennifer’s Teacher Notes and in the last ‘Activity’ came across the wrong ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. Your introduction (which I had never read) was given on the webpage as ‘related’ and I read it too. I’m sorry to say there is a slip there too, in the first line – ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’. Hope you can fix them, and hope you don’t mind me mentioning them – look so bad, especially in ‘teacher notes’. Though maybe no one but me notices these days. Cheers, Virginia Dr Virginia Lowe Create a Kids’ Book createakidsbook.com.au PO Box 2, Ormond Victoria 3204 ph: 03 9578 5689 mob: 0400 488 100 Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two children tell (Routledge 2007) Lines Between Virginia and John Lowe (Melbourne Poets Union 2018) Description: Lines Between front cover

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