“Skyglow” by Celia Berrell with Teacher Notes

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Light pollution

in the night

creates an orange

skyglow sight.


Nocturnal creatures

want to find

a place unlit by



Please make our

streetlights only flow

with downward-pointing

lights aglow.


Or better still

have times of black

so night-time creatures

could come back.

inspired by:


LIGHT pollution is now so bad that a dull orange “skyglow” obscures the stars in more than two-thirds of the world’s crucial habitats. And we have almost no idea how this affects wildlife.

Teacher Notes by Jeanie Axton

Have a browse of the excellent resources this site offers in ideas for Earth hour


Poem idea: Turn the lights of and darken the room. Brainstorm Earth related words and then get students to write a poem about looking after the planet. They could display their poem in a Earth picture.

Happy World Poetry Day / Harmony Day / “Poetry Blast” by Kate O Neil with Notes




Poem with Teacher Notes



Some words fly like arrows

to their target.

Some veer, tell it slant.


some ricochet unpredictably.

But we know it is poetry

when we see how they all

hit home.


©   Kate O’Neil

Notes by Jeanie Axton

Students could cut out arrows, airplanes, rockets and balls. On each they could attach describing words and phrases. They could then write poems based on the object and words. Encourage lots of ways to mix up the words and editing. The aim being at the end of the exercise to hit home with the words in the poem.

For example use picture prompts with describing words to get the students thinking

“Friendship 7” by Chris Owen with Notes

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Friendship 7*


‘10 seconds and counting…Godspeed, John Glenn

The candle is lit. Life on the line.

Locked inside, he can only wait.

An arrow aimed at heaven.

Hearts pounding. The clock ticks.

Millions watch live,

as engines roar,

‘Set us free!’

The crew:





Copyright (Chris Owen 2019)

*On February 20th 1962, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth in his Mercury spacecraft, Friendship 7. In the historic trip Glenn passed directly over Perth, WA. As a greeting to the astronaut, many of the city’s councils, businesses and inhabitants turned on extra lights. Some even created special beacons using white bedsheets and their Hills Hoist washing lines. Glenn famously acknowledged the brightness of the lights and asked that the people of Perth be thanked for their efforts.

“Who Nose the Way?” by Celia Berrell


Who Nose the Way?


Scientists find

a good sense of smell

goes hand-in-hand

with direction as well.


If spatial awareness

is one of your gifts,

it’s likely your nose has

superior sniff!


Discerning more scents

in the air we have crossed

may help with our sense

of NOT getting lost.


So “follow your nose”

as we like to say,

and “smell the roses”

along the way.