“Flicks ‘n Chops” by Julie Cahill with Teacher Notes

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The dish ran away with the spoon
The cow looked up at the moon
She mooooed unaware
That the spoon dished with flare
Stating: ‘plating that fast, gosh, beware!’
The dish winked back in delight
Abandoned the spoon’s mid-air flight
So the spoon flicked a fit; pulled up with a spit
And the cow turned to chops, in fright
Teacher Notes by Jeanie Axton
Here is another copy of the quote by Mem Fox from Monday and a link underneath to famous Nursery Rhymes. How about this week you expose your students to Nursery Rhymes?  See who can memorise them quickly. Look at the rhyming patterns that are repeated in these old time favourites. If you can remember tell them your favourite as a child and Why?
Have fun exploring Nursery Rhymes

“Moon Zoom” by J.R.Poulter with Teacher Notes

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Moon Zoom

There’s the Moon,
Way up high,
Over the rooftops,
Up in the sky!
Oh, my!
Here’s the Moon
And someone’s there!
An astronaut
Shot through the air,
He dared!
Do YOU want to know
About outer-Space?
Would you like to go
To that far-away place?
Space ace!
Science will show you
Where, why, how,
Scientists will
Create the ‘wow!’
Learn now!
Teacher Notes & Activities
Search out the answers to a fun space quiz to test you knowledge about space travel and the daily life of an astronaut.
1. What was ‘Sputnik’?
2. What was the date of the first Moon Mission?
3. Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
4. Did the astronauts on that Moon landing leave anything behind on the moon?
5. There are photos of astronauts floating around the cabin of the spacecraft. Why do they float?
6. Find a definition for ‘zero gravity’ – then describe it in your own words.
7. What did the astronauts eat and drink whilst travelling on their journey to the Moon and back?
8. How many missions were there to the Moon?
9. Who were the astronauts on the first Moon landing mission?
10. Who was the first woman to go into outer-space?
Activity: Build a model of the solar system in class.
Activity: Find pictures that illustrate space stories, poems, fantasies –
Moon, ‘Man in the Moon’
Image from an old children’s book of rhymes –
Moon poems by kids