“Name the Game (A Riddle)” by Monty Edwards


“Name the Game” by Monty Edwards is his 100th poem of the day since November 2015.

Congratulations and Thankyou for sharing your creativity with us.


My riddle is about a game, so see if you can guess its name.

Of course, I’ll give you many clues, but in the end, you’ll have to choose.

The game is played by day or night, but if at night you’ll need some light.

Play summer, winter, there’s no reason not to play in any season.


This game is played in many lands and players need to use their hands,

Although one hand would be enough, because this game’s not very rough.

It can’t be called a contact sport, and never needs a field or court.

So do not think you’ll use a ball, for that would not be right at all.


Out of doors or play inside – play wherever you decide.

Play in almost any place. This game doesn’t need much space. 

Players always move in turn and there are other rules to learn.

There is no need to use your feet; that’s not the way that you compete.


This game does not have any aces, nor any Jacks with funny faces,

But players each have king and queen, while cards are nowhere to be seen!

Most find it best to share a table, but please make sure your table’s stable!

This rule must never be ignored, since you’ll place pieces on a board.


But boards are used in many a game: can you give my game a name?

Now since this riddle’s almost done, I’ll give a clue – another one:

The pieces number thirty two. Sixteen of them will be for you.

Another player has the rest and you two play to see who’s best!


Your pieces form a fighting force, though blood is never shed, of course

And though a kind of war you play, no-one is injured in the fray, 

Since mostly you will think and plan, then make each move as best you can.

But win or lose or even draw, you’ll want to play this game some more.


It’s time for you to make your guess. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

This riddle’s answer must be . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .  . . .  .


6 thoughts on ““Name the Game (A Riddle)” by Monty Edwards

  1. Thank you all for your congratulations and comments. I’ve never regretted joining this special community of writers, who each use their talents to stimulate, captivate, inform and enrich young minds with the possibilities of language through poetry. In doing so we are privileged to be able to bring to children not only knowledge and pleasure, but at times insight, inspiration, purpose and hope, that may even help them find to a better future than they had ever previously imagined. Keep up the good work!

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