“A Street? Of Many Names“ by Toni Newell


A Street? Of Many Names


Walking down a street,

It occurred to me,

Why was it called a Street?

The question bothered me.

So many different names,

For a thoroughfare,

Roads, Groves and Avenues,

Were examples to share.

Boulevards and Terraces,

The Drive and The Place,

Different names for much the same,

A carriageway or space.

A Court, Close and Cul-de-sac

Meaning, no through road,

Highway, Freeway, Motorway,

My mind’s in overload.

Esplanade and the Bend,

Parade and also Cove,

Heights and the Muse,

Of words a treasure trove.

The Crescent, Way and Alley,

Let’s not forget the Lane,

I’m sure I’ve missed a few,

I find this quite insane.

So many different words,

In essence mean the same,

Each word takes you somewhere,

But by a different name.

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