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Thankyou for the Acrostic poetry
Acrostics have friends called Mesostics which has the word running down the middle of the poem and Horizontic where the poem is written in a single line and the important letters are in capitals. There are double acrostics where each line begins and ends in the letters of the chosen word.

Here’s a simple example of a Mesostic Poem:

Please send these friends of Acrostic poems to:

A few other bits and pieces today:



From Paul Cookson

I am editing a new collection of Magic Poems for Bloomsbury.

This is due for publication in 2019 but we will be putting it together this year.

I’ll be looking for a wide range of NEW AND UNPUBLISHED poems in a variety of styles that cover all aspects of magic – spells, potions, witches, wizards, beasts, creatures, tricks, powers etc.

Obviously, Bloomsbury publish Harry Potter and my original idea was to have a set of poems that celebrate 20 years of Harry and Hogwarts etc. However, for copyright reasons we need to steer away from direct references to things that are specific to Harry – death eaters, dementors, quidditch etc.

So – keep the references general and open ended!

Because of budget limitations, fees for poems are likely to be £30 – £50 maximum.

The collection will have as many new and original poems as possible but will have to include anons, out of copyright, traditional verses and several of my own.

Age range : 7- 12
Deadline : 30th April 2018

Please send a maximum of FOUR poems for consideration
Please make sure your name and details are on each poem
Please send the poems as ONE attachment – preferably Word

Send poems to and mark them MAGIC POEMS

Thanks – have fun and I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Cookson

2. Writers you can submit your work to Readers’ Favorite for a free review – if you get a 4 or 5 star review, you are also, among other benefits, submitted to CLCD – a huge international database of children’s literature.

And finally today’s quote:




Autumn Acrostic



After summer, the leaves of the claret ash change colour;
Upgraded are the efforts of last spring.
Temerariously, the fairies of autumn tint each leaf: rouge, tangerine, golden.
Ultimately a masterpiece, resplendent!
Merrily a gust of wind arrives with a chill, the tree shivers,
Not remembering to hold on to its marvellous cloak.
By Louise McCarthy

Science Acrostic

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Studying the physical and natural world through
Careful observation
Investigating ideas
Noting results
Collecting facts
Ending with our best conclusions.


Celia Berrell