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Yesterday we had bacon and eggs for breakfast

Today was Coco Pops

Yesterday we had an apple for morning tea

Today was fairy floss

Yesterday we had pumpkin soup for lunch

Today was hot chips

Yesterday we had Greek yogurt for an afternoon snack

Today was a Mars Bar

Yesterday we had a roast chicken dinner with veggies

Today was a Happy Meal from McDonald’s

Yesterday we had homemade apple pie for dessert

Today was a chocolate donut

Yesterday we watched the footy with carrot sticks and dip

Today we watched with a big bucket of popcorn

Yesterday my mum was home all day

Today my dad was in charge of food

I wonder what we will eat tomorrow?

 Jeanie Axton
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #32

Poem of the Day

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Mother I’m Starving


Take away all of those long beans,

throw away broccoli too.

I’m quite unable to like greens.

Ditto for anything blue!


Eggplant and aubergine, no, no!

Roasted nor boiled nor fried.

Veggies of all kinds can go, go,

and any food I haven’t tried!


Nothing that’s fruity or cheesy,

no soup, no pasta, no rice.

Stewing and baking can’t please me,

eggy things really aren’t nice.


Forget about anything meaty,

seafood if it’s from the sea.

And better not give me a lolly!

  • sugar’s not healthy you see!


Never present me with curry,

cornbread, rye, barley or wheat,

but Mother I’d like you to hurry,

I’m starving and I want to eat!

Alys Jackson
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20

Alys said: I couldn’t resist having a go at a rhyming poem for all the fussy eaters. As far as writing technique goes, I write wherever and whenever I get a good idea. I always carry a notebook and love reading poetry of all types.

Poem of the Day

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Dinner Time Rhyme


Did you hear how little Miss Muffet

Sat down to eat some food on a tuffet?

Her curds and whey were soft and wet

(These curds and whey are what you get

When using milk for making cheese,

So do not look for them on trees).


If you went out tonight to eat

Instead you’d likely have a seat

And choose a favourite food or two

And wait till it was served to you,

Or from the buffet eat your fill,

But not so much it made you ill.


Now should Miss Muffet too turn up

With curds and whey in bowl or cup

And say: “This buffet’s not for me,

Try this, it’s better, you’ll agree.”

Here’s what I suggest you say:

“Let’s go and get some takeaway.”

Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20

Monty says: “A buffet dinner celebration with family a few months back came to mind with the prompt. This got me thinking about how confusing a child might find the pronunciation of “buffet”, having been exposed at some point to little Miss Muffet, let alone what she ate, so I decided to explore both in this simple poem.”