Poem of the Day


Night magic


At night if feel anxious and my heart begins to race,

if all I want to do is weep or yell

I look outside my bedroom at that diamond-studded space,

and wait for it to cast its magic spell.


I feel the tension easing, all the pressure start to lift

and let my thinking go without a fight.

A magnet way above me sets my frazzled mind adrift

and draws it gently up into the night.


In weightless bliss I flitter with the wings of fantasy

past planets, moons and stars that no one knows.

In breathless awe I float within my private galaxy.

I’m free at last from all those earthly woes.


My mind is now uncluttered and as peaceful as can be.

It’s lost, for now, that pressing sense of gloom.

Before I even know it, it has floated back to me

from somewhere worlds and worlds beyond my room.


The magic moment passes and I’m really glad to say

I feel a little fluttering of hope.

Although I know my problems haven’t really gone away

I thank the sky for helping me to cope.


Jenny Erlanger
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22

Poem of the Day




by Allan Cropper


I was sad.

I shed a single tear.

It lay before me but for a moment.

A warming sun and a drying wind beckoned it skyward

to join a million other teardrops in a cloud.

A million teardrops fell to earth,

and like a million teardrop broom

they swept away the fear and gloom,

and I was happy.