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A Happiness Recipe


If you want to be happy

As happy can be,

Try not to keep asking

“What’s in it for me?”

Enjoy what you have,

(Perhaps quite a lot)

And give far less thought

To what you have not.


Be happy you live,

Be happy you grow,

Be happy you learn

What many don’t know,

Be happy to help

A person in need,

Be happy you’re loved.

That’s happy indeed!

 Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #23

Poetry Prompt #22

Monty says: Like adults, children can look for happiness in the wrong places and become disappointed and disillusioned with life. My aim in the poem was to offer a simple recipe for a different outcome.

Poem of the Day




by Allan Cropper


I was sad.

I shed a single tear.

It lay before me but for a moment.

A warming sun and a drying wind beckoned it skyward

to join a million other teardrops in a cloud.

A million teardrops fell to earth,

and like a million teardrop broom

they swept away the fear and gloom,

and I was happy.