The Noise In The Night

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What’s that noise! What can it be?
A mouse, a rat, a twig, a tree…
A window shivering in the breeze?
A snore, a snort, a cough, a sneeze?

The noise – and there it goes again!
What a problem! What a pain!
To have to follow up that noise
And discover what’s the cause.

Why are these books upon the floor?
Just maybe I forgot before
To pick them up, to brush or sweep
Before I had to go to sleep.

What are those whiskers twitching there
Beside the couch, behind the chair?
Much too big for mouse or rat
A different shape to dog or cat?

A small pink nose, and dark round eyes
Staring at my great surprise,
The possum leaves its tiny cave
And hides behind the microwave!

It crouches to become quite small
As though it isn’t there at all;
But – sorry, possum – you can’t stay,
A kitchen’s not a place to play.

I left the window open wide,
Banana and apple close beside.
Stumbled to bed. A stretch, a yawn.
And in the morning, Poss had gone.

– Jaz Stutley

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