“Australia Day” by Toni Newell




Our wonderful Australia,

Is a wonderful country,

That’s opened its arms,

To diversity.

It’s integrated people,

From afar and near,

Absorbed different cultures,

Given support to those in fear.

And now Australia’s shared,

With Indigenous and white,

And skins of many colours,

Which come together to unite.

Our richness has evolved,

From just food upon our plate,

But to customs, religion, art,

Architecture, and debate.

It is indeed a tapestry,

Of cultures intertwined,

And should be viewed and loved,

Not trampled by mankind.

This is Australia’s story,

And whilst troubles have been seen,

We strive to make it better,

Move forward from what has been.

So, let us all embrace,

Our great diversity,

Which brings us all together,

In this, our ‘sunburnt’ country.


Herald on Australia Day,

So, we can celebrate,

A country which embraces,

And where all can become a ‘mate’.


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