“My Teddy Bear” by Helen Katz

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When I was born a gift was sent

From far across the sea

A teddy bear from USA

Mum’s pen-pal sent to me.


He kept me nice and warm in bed

I cuddled him all night,

But Ted was spewed on several times

Poor bear he looked a fright.


So Mum washed Ted time and again,

I’d never let him go;

At story time I’d hold him near,

He listened close, I know.


He was a constant friend of mine

Whenever I was sad,

Like back when I was seven years old

The time I lost my dad.


So Ted’s been through a lot with me

And still he lingers near

With scruffy fur and just one eye

And flippy floppy ear.


But as he’s nearly of an age

my lovely little bear –  

When Ted’s considered to be old,

A friend like him is rare.


So he and I will travel on

Till one of us is dead,

I hope like hell for my own sake

The first to go is Ted!


One thought on ““My Teddy Bear” by Helen Katz

  1. Wowow, that is beautiful. Touched my heart. I read it to my children and they said they loved it! Thank you!!

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