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Leaf lace


Lace maker

Toils secretly

Tucked out of sight;

Creates ornate


Until they’re just right.

Delicate, intricate

Handiwork done

Designer departs

To start

The next one.

Serrates, decorates

All my plants in this way.

I confess

I’m impressed

At this leaf lace display.

Teena Raffa-Mulligan
  • First published in Orbit by The School Magazine (May 2016)

Poem of the Day


Humungous Fungus

Humungous Fungus is among us

And it’s rather smelly.

It slowly creeps between your toes

Then right up to your belly.


It can be blue but when it’s pink

It gives off such an awful stink.

Sometimes it floats down in the breeze

And leaves great blobs on both your knees.


When it sparkles like a fairy

Then you must be very wary.

If it waves its magic wand

You’ll smell like slime from next door’s pond.


Beware if Fungus goes to school

It doesn’t care who looks a fool.

Your teacher might get quite a shock

If Fungus hides inside his sock.


If poor Grandma while she’s sitting

Concentrating on her knitting

Notices a sudden pull

It’s Fungus climbing up her wool.


Even Mum must be quite careful

She might cop a blobby hair full

If she happens to be shopping

Right where Fungus slime is dropping.


Family pets should run and hide

‘Cos Fungus loves to slip and slide

Into kennels, baskets, cages

Sending critters into rages.


But Fungus loathes a water spray

So get yourself one right away

And squirt that fiend with all your might

You’ll be a hero overnight.

Pat Simmons
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #25

Poetry Prompt #25

Poem of the Day


One Little Raindrop


One little raindrop

Arrives on my nose

Dangles a moment

Then splashes my toes


Slides down my pinkie

Lands on the grass

Washes a blade so

It glimmers like glass


One little raindrop

Joins with its mates

A cackling creek

That skitters and skates


On through the forests

And meadows it snakes

Merges with rivers

That pour into lakes


One little raindrop

Drawn out to sea

Plays with the dolphins

A long way from me


Out comes the sunshine

Blazing and high

Hauls up that raindrop

Far into the sky


One little raindrop

Now it’s a cloud

Here is the thunder

Looming and loud


Quick! Run for shelter

Before the storm blows

As one little raindrop

Arrives on my nose

Sharon Hammad
  • Sharon says: I wrote it in response to Poetry Prompt #15 ‘In Winter’ during the Big Wet Weekend we had recently. I was thinking about how to explain the water cycle to children.Poetry Prompt15


Poem of the Day

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I think about kids in Kazakhstan

Siberia, Finland, Tajikistan

Of things that I can see and do

Things that those kids never can.


Cranking, crashing, curling, waves

Green and glassy gurgling waves

Pounding and pumping

Thumping and dumping

Hammering and hissing hollow caves


A monstrous rising swell

Throws barrels straight from hell

To bounce and duck and race

Screaming down the face

To win and ring that bell


And when the sea breeze dies

Surfers one by one

Raise their heads and shade their eyes

To watch a golden stairway climb

Up to the setting sun


But then I think of a different fate

To see a sparkling crystal tree

To slip and slide and glide and skate

Over an icy moonlit lake

Think how awesome that would be

Joanne Pummer




Poem of the Day


Buried Treasure

A pearly cluster of

tiny jewels,

part buried,



for your armour

to form.

Be cautious tiny spirals,

your eyes on stalks.

Stay in the low light

and be nervous of the night.

Listen for the ripple of rats

who may see your silver trail

and lick their lips.

Stay safe in the leaf litter

little ones,

small saviours of our ecosystems.

Your ancestors shared their world

with dinosaurs.

Please show us how to share.


Pat Simmons
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20


Pat says: I’m fascinated by snails and sad to discover that more species of snail have become extinct in recent years than any other animal.



Poem of the Day



If a rosebud could talk,

Would it hum like the bees?

Or would the petals soft whisper, be lost to the breeze.


If a seashell could talk,

Would it crash like a wave?

Telling off all the mermaids, who didn’t behave.


If a feather could talk,

Would it sing through the night?

Calling out to the bird, who had lost it in flight.


If I could talk to them all

Then so quiet I’d stay,

For if we would just listen, imagine what they might say.

Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20


Sioban says: When I looked at this prompt I originally pondered the connection to each other – nature. Then, what do these things symbolise? What do they ‘say to me’? Then I thought what would they SAY to me and that led to this.