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Shadow Party

By Sioban Timmer


People think that shadows pass

With sunset’s fading light

But that’s when shadows party-

When the daytime turns to night


We assume our fellow shadows

Are always waiting for our call

But when you close your eyes at night

They are not there at all


In sunshine they just copy

(Which can really be a bore)

But free to roam within dark

They dance and fly and soar


The darkness makes it possible

For them to leave your side

And when our shadows get the chance

They wander far and wide


So every night while you’re in bed

And sleep is close to hand

Dream about your shadow

Dancing free across the land.

  • Submitted in response to Words+Pictures #3 poetry challenge. my kids
  • ‘Land’

Poem of the Day


A Shelter

Neridah McMullin


I put off going to bed,

The cloud cover,

Keeps the heat in…

And the stillness

Is oppressive.


Robins, wrens, honey eaters,

Panted the day away,

In shaded canopy,

Their beaks open.

Too hot to complain.


I open up the house,

All the doors; windows.

Something might wander in…

But hopefully,

It will wander out.


Thrown wide,

It’s no longer a house.

It’s a shelter,

A secret place.

A bed in the forest.


Under the sheets,

I listen to the night’s music.

Muted waves break,

Crickets click, ruffled feathers soften.

And at last, the birds are asleep.

Poem of the Day


Night invader

By Jenny Erlanger


I’m woken by a presence

in the middle of the night.

I’d scream to get attention

but I’m paralysed with fright.


There’s something like a zombie

shuffling slowly round my bed.

Its eyes are staring wildly

from a vacant-looking head.


The figure edges closer.

and I’m just about to pray

then I recognise its features

and the terror drains away.


I’m glad it’s not a monster,

not some evil-minded creep

but I wish my little sister

wouldn’t wander in her sleep!