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Forty all


This is the tale of a horrid blister,

caused directly by my sister.


I borrowed her shoes for a tennis twosome,

and soon my heel became very gruesome.


First it rubbed pink, and then bright red,

and as I played, it bled and bled.


There were pools of blood all over the place

Some of it splashed as far as my face.


I used plenty of bandaids, criss and cross,

and kept on playing, splish and splosh.


I slid and slithered around that court,

never was a game so wetly fought.


But in all that blood, I lost the ball,

so the game was ended, forty all.


My blistered heel was a dreadful pain,

but sister said it was a bloody good game.


Margaret Pearce


Poem of the Day


Night invader

By Jenny Erlanger


I’m woken by a presence

in the middle of the night.

I’d scream to get attention

but I’m paralysed with fright.


There’s something like a zombie

shuffling slowly round my bed.

Its eyes are staring wildly

from a vacant-looking head.


The figure edges closer.

and I’m just about to pray

then I recognise its features

and the terror drains away.


I’m glad it’s not a monster,

not some evil-minded creep

but I wish my little sister

wouldn’t wander in her sleep!