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three two wonder.

Count down to question, speculate, think.

Imagine and ponder, let your mind wander

down winding pathways right to the brink.

Over the edge is the not knowing dark

but out there you’ll find

the spark!

the spark!


Penny Szentkuti


Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #17

Penny said: I am teaching a unit on space at the moment and indeed pondering on how much we don’t know and how we have to be brave and imaginative enough to spend time in the ‘not knowing’ to make new discoveries.

Poem of the Day




“Why?” as a child is a popular word.

It shows that we want to know more of our world.

And sometimes we learn

some incredible things:


Like why the sky’s blue

and what is a gnu

and how you can catch

the measles and ‘flu.

And back in the past

how much harder life was

because of the things

that nobody knew.


It’s part of our nature to want to know why

despite that the answer’s a truth or a lie.

And sometimes we learn

some incredible myths:


Like why Santa comes

only once a year.

And when will the Easter

Bunny appear.

Descriptions of monsters

that cause us great fear.

And how crystal balls

make everything clear.


While we’re a child, all answers seem true

(until we get older and think them all through).

But even as adults we frequently find

it’s not always easy to change our mind!


Celia Berrell
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #17

Celia said: Got a question?  Nowadays we can look for answers on the internet any time 24/7.  But how can we tell if the information we find there is true or false?  That’s another question!

Poem of the Day


Question Time


I have a younger brother,

Who recently turned four.

He asks Mum many questions

And then he asks some more.

I tried to ask our mother

Why he kept asking “Why?”

The answer that she gave me

Was one enormous sigh.


She then breathed in quite deeply

And started to explain

How asking all those questions

Was strengthening his brain.

For as we all get older

And use our ears and eyes,

Our questions bring us answers:

The “Why?”s help make us wise.


Monty Edwards
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #17

Monty says: “The numerous question marks of the prompt made me think of the many questions asked by young children that may test a parent’s patience, but are an essential part of a child’s development.”

Poem of the Day




The comma never stands alone,

It’s carefully aligned

with words on either side of it

that keep it well confined.


The exclamation mark stands tall,

a rigid, lofty stake.

So confident, so self-assured,

it has a point to make.


The full stop leads an easy life,

indeed, a life in clover.

What lies ahead’s of no concern,

what lies behind is over.


But spare a thought for question marks,

hunch-backed and somewhat hollow.

Are they perhaps concerned about

the answers that may follow?


Jenny Erlanger

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #19

Poetry Prompt #18