Poem of the Day


No School Today

by Jill McDougall


Don’t make me go to school today,

Please! Anything but that!

I’ll tidy up my bedroom,

I’ll be gentle with the cat…


I’ll do the dishes for a week,

(I’ll soak the saucepans too),

But please don’t make me go to school –

That place is like a zoo.


The kids are really mean to me,

They call me nasty names

Like ‘legend in a lunch box’ when

I interrupt their games.


And when they see me coming,

They spread out like peanut paste,

I feel like I’m some fungal growth,

Some noxious toxic waste.


So please don’t make me go to school,

I’ll sulk and whine and sob,

So WHAT if I’m the Principal!

I want a different job!