Happy New Year and a Creative Challenge



Early this year when Australian Children’s Poetry founder Di Bates called for someone to take on the site she’d started so successfully, I tentatively put up my hand. I wasn’t sure I was the right person. I do occasionally write poetry for children and sometimes it’s published in magazines and anthologies. But I certainly don’t think of myself as a poet and taking on the role of site editor felt a bit presumptuous considering my approach to writing poetry is intuitive, not educated.

I’m so glad I ignored the niggling doubts. I’ve enjoyed reading the wonderful contributions for Poem of the Day by so many talented Australian writers of poetry for children. It’s been wonderful to have you generously share your work with others. Thank you. This site couldn’t continue to attract the interest it does without your support.

Since the site began in March 2014, it’s attracted more than 141,000 views and more than 42,000 visitors. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s rather impressive for a children’s poetry site. The Poem of the Day is the most popular of all posts, followed by the listing of poets.

Because I’m not always guaranteed to have a Poem of the Day to post every day of the year, I recently introduced the Words+Pictures creative challenge. These posts have inspired some wonderful contributions, with the snail theme by far the most popular. That’s prompted me to issue a more structured creative challenge next year. Throughout 2016, every Monday from January 4 I’ll post a poetry prompt for you. I’ll mix it up with words, pictures, themes and poetic styles. Are you up for the challenge? I hope so because I’m looking forward to receiving some inspired responses…and being inspired to write more poems myself.

Happy creative New Year!



14 thoughts on “Happy New Year and a Creative Challenge

  1. You’ve done wonderfully this year as the blog leader, Teena, and I thank you for all of your efforts. Love the idea of the poetry challenge and I plan to be conscientious about contributing. I hope all the poets out there follow suit! Di x

  2. Keep up the great work, Teena. The quality of the poems is terrific and it’s encouraging to see that stats of visits to the site. I’m still a dabbling kind of poetry writer but hope to do a bit more one day.

  3. Thank you Teena for continuing to run this site so well. I need discipline with my writing and a weekly challenge is just the ticket! I contribute to the 52 week flash fiction group weekly because it’s factored into my ‘must do’ stuff and I really want to do the same with my poetry. Happy New Year

  4. You’ve done a wonderful job, Teena. Love reading each poem of the day even if I don’t get to respond. I think the words+pictures challenge was inspired and look forward to more in 2016

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