“I Want What’s Mine” by Marque Dobrow

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Here I am, your faithful pet,

Where’s my gift? Ain’t got it yet!

Surely something waits for me

Underneath the Christmas tree.


Part of the family, loyal friend,

Stick beside you till the end.

A chewy bone would bring me joy,

Or did you buy a squeaky toy?


Maybe you got me a cushy rug,

To sleep beside you, safe and snug.

Come on people, please let me know.

Perhaps a Frisbee is the go!


Then again, your hard-earned dollar

Could have paid for a brand new collar.

I might need help to unwrap the paper,

But I sure love this Christmas caper.


And so, I finally wake and yawn;

At long last it is Christmas morn.

All the children laugh with glee.

Presents galore – but nothing for me?


I’ve been so good all year long,

I surely have done nothing wrong.

But then I hear a familiar noise;

It is not bones or rugs or toys.


How did you hide this precious gift?

It runs at me with movements swift.

Another dog with which to play!

This is the greatest Christmas Day.


One thought on ““I Want What’s Mine” by Marque Dobrow

  1. It’s a lovely contribution to Christmas – I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Marque. I wish you a Happy Christmas – Jan.

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