Poem of the Day



Rubik Remembered


Once a clever man named Rubik

Made a puzzle that was cubic.

Lots of people went to buy it.

Some just couldn’t wait to try it.


All six faces, full of colour,

Made the other toys look duller!

Red and yellow, blue and green,

Orange, white, could all be seen.


Every face’s shape was square.

Cubes are like that everywhere.

Length and width and height the same:

Like the dice used in a game.


Nine small squares on every face

In each large square had a place.

These could twist in groups of threes

To a different face with ease.


Here is what you had to do:

Make one face completely blue,

Or perhaps choose green or red,

Orange, yellow, white, instead.


Then the rest, till one by one,

Every single colour done!

Few could do it. Most could not.

I was in that second lot.


Monty Edwards


Monty says: The brightly coloured boxes in prompt 21 reminded me of Rubik’s puzzle, but the content is a better fit with “Shapes” from prompt 3. Prompt3