“Tiger the Tabby” by Toni Newell

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Tiger the Tabby


Tiger was a tabby,

The cat that lived next door,

He’d often roam around our yard,

And show the birds his claw.

And every day, close on five,

His name was called out loud,

But on this day, when he was called,

He, could not be found.


We all chipped in and searched for him,

We all looked high and low,

We looked in drains and gardens,

On fences and below.

We looked at roofs and tree trunks,

And there to our surprise,

We found him in the fork of a tree,

He couldn’t move, we realised.


The neighbour fetched a ladder,

Then a volunteer stepped in,

And climbed right up that ladder,

To try and rescue him.

She reached the very top and saw,

Poor Tiger wedged right in,

She gently tried to lift him out,

With care and nurturing.


On descending, there was applause,

By those who stood below,

They cheered and clapped and sang their praise

For the volunteer, the hero.

They waited for them to come down,

And Tiger loudly meowed,

As the neighbours rushed to take their cat,

The volunteer just bowed.


Toni Newell      29th May, 2019.

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