“The Lily Sleeps Tonight” by James Aitchison

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Teaching tip:

Ask students to bring cuttings of spring flowers.

Then invite the class to sing and clap to the tune of

A-weema-weh The lion sleeps tonight.


The Lily Sleeps Tonight


A-daffodil, a-daffodil, a-daffo-dil, a-daffo-dil

A-dah-li-a, a-dah-li-a, a-dah-li-a, a-dah-li-a

A-hyacinth, a-hya-cinth, a-hya-cinth, a-hya-cinth

A-butter-cup, a-butter-cup, abutter-cup, a-butter-cup


In the garden, the mighty garden

The lily sleeps tonight

In the garden, the quiet garden

Its bloom is a delight


Camellias, camellias, camellias, camellias

Ranunculus, ranunculus, ranunculus, ranunculus

A-tulip-too, a-tulip-too, atulip-too, a-tulip-too

A-daffodil, a-daffodil, a-daffo-dil, a-daffo-dil







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